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Free Software Downloads

All these software are released under GNU GPL License 3.0 or version applicable as per time of download. This means you are free to modify/redistribute and use these software as you intend. Please refer to GNU GPL License for more details.

EDA Statistics Software

This is GUI software which can be used to analysis of data according to different experimental designs, like CRD, RBD, Split-plot etc. It is easy to use as compared to CPCS1.

Urea Calculator

This is an android application, I developed for CIMMYT and BISA. This calculates urea requirement based on NDVI value by Green Seeker. Application is available in English, Punjabi and Hindi.

64 Bit for CPCS1

This is an emulator based script, which can be used to run old programs like, CPCS1, GSTAT07, HS39, HS11 etc. Install-able executable delivers these programs along with.

Leaf Area Meter

This software was developed by a MTech. student of Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana. I had provided the idea and actively participated in development.

Recover Me

Often, files on USB sticks/Pen Drives are left hidden by malwares, In cases when data is actually there but not visible, this tiny portable application will help you get those back in few seconds.

Khalsa College Flora

This is a simple windows based software which containing information and images of different plant species growing in the prestigious Khalsa College, Amritsar.


I have been always inspired by technology somehow, and i always dream of helping people to extent the almighty lord gives me strength to. I graduated from Khalsa College, Amritsar with a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture (Agronomy) and then pursued Masters in Agronomy from Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana. I have been learning programming from 2008, with keen interest in malwares and computer viruses. From 2010, i moved on to web building and designed several websites till date. Interest in computer programming was inspired out of humiliation i faced from my school principle after poor performance in a computer exam. Then i was always astonished by the fact that computer viruses, replicate themselves, like they were live like biological beings. I’m so much into technology that i read Tech Blogs, first thing in morning before my breakfast. Richard M. Stallman, the great computer programmer and free software activist inspired me to write software, that are FREE to use, and come with no restrictions. Helping people is the best source of joy a human being can achieve, i believe.

Future Goals: I’m very keen to work with individuals/Organizations, who want to create programs/applications/websites for use in Agriculture sector and wish to help research workers/students or farmers. I’m willing to provide free service for such efforts. Currently I work as a Freelance Web builder for Beard Web Design. I can be contacted anytime through this page.

“If programmers deserve to be rewarded for creating innovative programs, by the same token they deserve to be punished if they restrict the use of these programs.”- Richard M. Stallman (Software freedom activist and computer programmer)


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