64 Bit Script for CPCS1

This Script is written in order to help you run the old programs like CPCS1, GSTAT07, HS39, HS13, HS11 on most modern of the computers. It uses an open source third party emulator to accomplish the task. This installer deploys everything in place automatically.

Please choose custom setup type while installing to install individual programs instead of all. Also note that desktop shortcut created by script opens a folder, where a link with text Launch CPCS1 (or respective program) will be there. Keep your input files in this folder, this is done to facilitate use, as CPCS1 and other programs require full path in other cases.

64 Bit CPCS1 Script

File Size: 3.13 MB

File Type: Deployment Script (Executable)

License: Freeware

Publisher: Atinder pal Singh


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